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Spring? Spring? Are you there?

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Well, maybe not quite. But I saw my first robin today. Actually 3 of them – not worried a bit about the rain pouring and dripping through my plum tree.

Here at the shop spring seems to be well underway. We’ve been wading through the stacks of boxes being delivered every day. Who ordered all this stuff anyway?  Oh… guess it was me. Pat’s doing her best making new displays and trying to fit in the new goods. But just as one area is finished, a new shipment arrives and she has to find somewhere to house even more. For us, this barrage of products happens twice each year, spring and fall. But spring is my favorite. The days are getting longer and warmer. Soon we’ll be able to turn off the heat and open the door! More sun is sure to arrive soon. Spring bulbs are up and the Daffodil Festival is happening.  And the robins are here again.