Whew, Spring Again!

March flew past, in like a lion and out like a lion, too.  Our annual March Madness event is over again until next year.  If you missed it – that’s when the store is being re-filled with fantastic new product ordered in January.  We get so excited about it all we give stuff away every week!  Yeah, it’s crazy, but so much fun…


Here’s a new product we’re pretty excited about. (Gonna be a hit for Father’s Day in June.)

OLIVINA MEN: a new line of body care made with all natural ingredients.

This from their catalog:



The stuff you put on your body shouldn’t be.

The inspiration behind OLIVINA MEN is the tradition of the craft cocktail.  A seasoned bartender creates a well-informed fusion of fresh and natural ingredients that results in a product that consistently exceeds expectations.”


The fragrances?  Bourbon Cedar, Juniper Tonic, Ginger Beer