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Construction on “A” Street, Downtown Tacoma


STphotoWe’ve successfully navigated a full week of construction on our street.  Most of our fears of the unexpected didn’t amount to anything.  Parking is still available on the Watermark side of the street, access to the store is just as easy as ever, and only the noise level has been somewhat of a burden.  It seems that our 100 year old sewer lines needed to be replaced.  And rumor has it that the sewers in Tacoma are some of the oldest in the state… Who would have guessed that?

So… even though parking is a bit less available,  customers are finding their way in with little problem.  So don’t hesitate to visit.

And if you have a chance before they’re gone– the original red bricks from the old street, long buried under the newer roadway, are visible right now.

Las Vegas Gift Show

fremont experience

January 2014, Las Vegas Gift Show

The Las Vegas Gift Show in January of 2014 was successful and worth the trip. My right hand employee, Pat, and I spent three days scoping out new and exciting merchandise. We found a great line of affordable jewelry, called Embellish, felted wool birdhouses, good for t he environment and birds too, and fabulous outdoor candles for summertime. The Las Vegas show offered more than Seattle. I have also been to the San Francisco show in the past, but last time I visited, there simply wasn’t as much available and many vendors mentioned that the Vegas show was growing in size.  There wasn’t much time for any of the typical Las Vegas pastimes, but I didn’t mind. By the end of the third day, we were exhausted, but quite sure that we would return next year or visit Dallas–I’ve heard their show is worth the trip as well.